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Cognito has been instrumental in helping us to identify what areas of knowledge need to be addressed. It has helped us move away from just assuming our staff can understand and recall vital information… to knowing they do.”

Suzie Moody - L&D Manager, Zenith.

“Cognito ensures that information covered during internal classroom training, or online e-learning, is assessed, reinforced and retained which guarantees the Charity is compliant in its core legal, safeguarding and health & safety responsibilities.

Sam Uden - Compliance Manager, Guide Dogs.


Cognito gets people involved and has delivered a recognised ROI. Cognito is a core foundation for achieving our ultimate goal of improved employee performance and, as a result, business success.”

Jason Brogden - Group Trainer & Coach, Mon Motors.

“Cognito has become embedded as BAU and has increased engagement and knowledge retention in core compliance topics. We’re developing unique content which will enable us to be more efficient and effective while ensuring our regulatory compliance.

Rory Wade - Partner, Sentio.